Your World ImpactAs a Financial AdvisorResourceBook added by Paul Wilson on February 5, 2013
By: Tyson Ray

May 13, 2012 - 146 pages

Your World Impact as a Financial Advisor is your blueprint to a life-changing financial advisory practice that values the hopes and dreams of you and your clients. It begins and ends with the books theme, "You Value them:" Part 1 - YouPart 2 - ValuePart 3 - ThemIn Part 1, you'll harness the power of self-knowledge to get very clear on what's important in life and what you most want to achieve.In Part 2, you'll embrace the mindset and principles that will thrill your clients and blow your competition out of the water.In Part 3, you'll learn the exact daily, quarterly, and annual systems to create enormous value and peace of mind to your clients and free you from pressure and stress. Your World Impact as a Financial Advisor gives you all the tools you need to turbo-charge your own professional life and the lives of each one of your clients. Together you'll change the world.

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