Ineffective Habits of Financial Advisors (and the Disciplines to Break Them)A Framework for Avoiding the Mistakes Everyone Else MakesResourceBook added by Paul Wilson on February 5, 2013
By: Steve Moore and Gary Brooks

Wiley, November 15, 2010 - 256 pages

Ineffective Habits of Financial Advisors (and the Disciplines to Break Them) is based on a 15-year consulting program that Steve Moore has led for financial advisors. It details techniques for business analysis, elements of a strategic vision, characteristics of exceptional client service and strategies for acquiring high net worth clients. These are the factors which allow advisors to transform their business into an elite practice. Told through the story of “Jack,” an advisor who represents your average financial advisor, each chapter begins with an ineffective practice: a focus on quantity over quality or using the “rainmaker approach” instead of a “team approach.” Each bad habit is countered with a new discipline to improve business results and add value. For example, in chapter seven, Moore details a strategy of cold calling new prospects as a bad strategy and describes a system of working through current clients to form new relationships and partners as the best practice to follow. He then offers step-by-step advice as to how to begin this networking effect. Throughout each chapter, Moore includes anecdotes collected through both personal experience and stories he’s heard from clients and colleagues, as well as question and answer segments, examples, and homework assignments.

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