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Paul Wilson
Top five regrets of the dying (and why advisors should care)
Article posted by Paul Wilson
Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent years working in palliative care and caring for patients in the final weeks of their lives. She recorded their most commons regrets.
William Meyer
Top 10 Social Security myths: Part 1
Article posted by William Meyer
Any one of these Social Security myths could derail a client's retirement plan.
George Shave
Is the fixed annuity market like playing Russian roulette — and will you get hurt?
Article posted by George Shave
Carriers are playing with fire in their next generation of products, getting further away from the basic value proposition of fixed indexed annuities. It's a game of Russian roulette; only in this game, the gun is loaded with multiple bullets. Eventually, the gun goes off and there are casualties. Will you be among them?
Bill Coffin
7 lessons producers can learn from Saturday morning cartoons
Article posted by Bill Coffin
The Saturday morning cartoon is dead. And yet, it offers the insurance world some valuable lessons on its demise.
Joe Simonds
7 deadly financial advisor marketing sins exposed, Pt. 1
Article posted by Joe Simonds
In this series of articles, I'm going to address the seven deadly financial advisor marketing sins that continue to cost advisors like you tons of money.
Jason Jenkins
The two most important questions every successful investor must answer
Article posted by Jason Jenkins
We are all familiar with the dueling emotions of fear and greed, but very few investors know how to control them, and even fewer know how to turn them into profit. So, how do we harness the power of our unique emotional DNA? By effectively answering these two questions.
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Stephen D. Forman (LTCA)
If it bleeds, it leads
Article posted by Stephen Forman
For 2014 LTC Awareness Month and henceforward, is it too much to ask for the same level of coverage for long-term care that is presently afforded Ebola?
Michael Goldberg
How to accept (and give) critical feedback
Article posted by Michael Goldberg
Here’s the truth. Those who can’t accept critical feedback due to ego and esteem issues will face a lot of challenges in life. Whether you’re in a public speaking class, a sales situation, the gym, or any skill-related activity, the feedback of others is vital for improvement — given some or all of these guidelines.
Matthew I. Zik
16 of the most confusing life insurance terms
Article posted by Matthew I. Zik
A short list of the most perplexing — and humorous — life insurance terms.
Collaborative planning wins more sales and happier clients
Article posted by Steve Lewit
At the end of the planning process, the client should like the plan created because the plan is, essentially, the one that they designed. Typically, people like what they create. It is not different with financial plans.
Julius Giarmarco
Exercising substitution powers
Article posted by Julius Giarmarco
Besides being a safe way to create grantor trust status, a swap power gives the grantor the absolute right to reacquire a trust asset, provided “equivalent value” is paid to the trust. Therefore, the grantor does not have to convince the trustee to sell the asset to him or her. Following are some common situations where exercising the swap power can be helpful.
Steven McCarty
Yelp help, Pt. 2: How to get started
Article posted by Steven McCarty
Here are pointers to make your Yelp entry howl-free
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