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Vanessa De La Rosa
10 celebrities who made unfortunate estate planning decisions
Article posted by Vanessa De La Rosa
Many celebrities own large, diversified fortunes, have complicated family lives and are surrounded by acquaintances looking for some extra dough. The failure to create a properly drafted will and explicitly clear estate plan can cause a legal and emotional uproar when a celebrity passes away.
Kristen Beckman
25 wealthiest No. 1 NFL draft picks
Article posted by Kristen Beckman
This year's No. 1 draft pick could earn a rookie contract of about $25 million. How would you advise him about his new wealth?
Michael Markey
A closer look at Dave Ramsey’s crusade against credit
Article posted by Michael Markey
Does Ramsey want to help unwitting victims of credit card fraud, or does he have an ulterior motive?
Dan Berman
10 dumbest states for financial IQ: 2016
Article posted by Dan Berman
Financial literacy is poor in most states, but citizens of the worst 10 have a steep literacy hill to climb, WalletHub finds
Christopher P. Hill, RFC
10 things to know about reverse mortgages
Article posted by Christopher P. Hill
Reverse mortgages can provide cash that retirees can use for a variety of purposes.
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Stephanie Shields
How the next generation is transforming benefits
Article posted by Stephanie Shields
Millenials are the largest segment of the American workforce, and their preferences are shaking up the market.
Emily Zulz
5 critical issues that will make or break an aging America
Article posted by Emily Zulz
Age Wave CEO Ken Dychtwald lists five critical issues that need to be addressed to help the growing aging population.
Allison Bell
Videos to boost your inner disability awareness warrior
Article posted by Allison Bell
In the disability insurance month, it's still about like it was in 2013. At least for now.
3 steps to accessing employees in a resistant environment
Article posted by Michael Kuhn
Selling a process rather than a product can help you connect with prospects.
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