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10 things to know about whole life insurance
Article posted by Stephan R. Leimberg
Learn the advantages, disadvantages, tax implications and alternatives to whole life insurance, all in one handy guide.
Kelly Moser
What the Seattle Seahawks can teach you about selling insurance
Article posted by Kelly Moser
As the wife of a dedicated Packers fan, I probably shouldn’t be writing this, but I think there are quite a few things the Seahawks can teach insurance professionals, especially in regard to selling disability insurance.
Chris Marentis
10 characteristics of top lead-generating websites
Article posted by Chris Marentis
The best websites have a number of similar characteristics that you can apply to your own website.
John L. Olsen, CLU, ChFC, AEP
6 things advisors should know about QLACs
Article posted by John Olsen
If your clients aren't asking these questions yet, they will be very soon.
National Underwriter
2015's 50 best ways to generate leads: 41-50
Article posted by LifeHealthPro
Advisors need great leads to generate new business. Follow these tips to make 2015 your best year.
Dan McGrath
4 things about life insurance that the financial "experts" will never tell you
Article posted by Dan McGrath
Here are four simple reasons why you should have permanent life insurance in your portfolio (and please note that not one of the financial charlatans and soothsayers will ever tell you this).
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National Underwriter
2015's 50 best ways to generate leads: 1-10
Article posted by LifeHealthPro
Combo policies, tireless prospecting strategies and dynamic marketing are three tips that experts say help them gain good leads.
Roccy Defrancesco
Florida Supreme Court goes after the unauthorized practice of law
Article posted by Roccy DeFrancesco
Many insurance agents and financial planners offer to draft living trusts where they not only give advice for a fee on what a client should do, but they actually draft the documents just as though they were attorneys. While there are a few states that allow this, most states frown upon it; and now Florida has specifically outlawed it.
Timothy T. Lawler, CLU
Painless life insurance policy donations
Article posted by Timothy Lawler, CLU
In a perfect world, donating a life insurance policy to charity would be an instantaneous and painless transaction. Although these payments are tax-deductible, it is still a fairly onerous process that should be hassle-free. Now, it can be.
National Underwriter
2015's 50 best ways to generate leads: 11-20
Article posted by LifeHealthPro
The secret to lead generation, educational workshops and a focused target market are among the top tips in today's list.
National Underwriter
2015's 50 best ways to generate leads: 21-30
Article posted by LifeHealthPro
Networking groups, free lunches and the federal government make their way onto the lead generation list for today.
Jared Trexler
The great estate tax debate: Should it stay or go?
Article posted by Ed Slott
Despite both its longstanding inclusion as part of the tax code and the fact that it impacts less than two in every 1,000 Americans, the estate tax is often at the center of policy debates in Washington. If — and it’s a big if — the President offers some type of compromise in which the estate tax is repealed in exchange for the elimination of the step-up in basis, those who have so ardently rallied against the estate tax for years should overwhelmingly support such a measure.
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