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Vanessa De La Rosa
6 celebrity estate planning lessons from 2014
Article posted by Vanessa De La Rosa
Take a look at these six celebrities’ estate plans from 2014 and see who prepared well and who could have planned better to secure their final wishes for their fortunes and loved ones.
Daniel Williams
25 best business books: 6-10
Article posted by Daniel Williams
Markets crashes, candid executives and global economies top the charts in today's list of best business books.
David Shields
8 questions to help you choose the perfect annuity for your client
Article posted by David Shields
Choosing the perfect annuity product for your client is like choosing the perfect golf club. Here are eight key questions to help you unlock the best product for your client.
Daniel Williams
25 best business books: 1-5
Article posted by Daniel Williams
Find out how to speak, network and solve procrastination problems in today's list of best business books.
Daniel Williams
25 best business books: 16-20
Article posted by Daniel Williams
What is your business strategy? In this second part in our series on great business books, blue oceans and team dysfunctions dominate.
Paul Wilson
Navigating the regulatory arena: 6 ways regulation is affecting the annuity industry
Article posted by Paul Wilson
The last few years have seen dramatic regulatory change in the life/health industry. From financial planners to health agents to annuity producers, everyone has felt the effects of regulatory restraint on both the local and national level. What changes are yet to come? And how can you adapt in order to survive and thrive in this ever fluctuating environment?
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Tye Elliott
Hospital indemnity insurance takes the sting out of hospital bills
Article posted by Tye Elliott
Employers should consider making voluntary hospital indemnity plans available to their clients as a viable option for employees to have peace of mind if they get injured or sick. Policyholders will receive cash benefits for covered events to pay everyday life bills, while they focus on getting better.
Steven McCarty
Yelp help Pt. 1: When consumers roar, you better listen
Article posted by Steven McCarty
Although Internet reviews have long been a fixture for book sales (Amazon), restaurants (Yelp) and personal services (Angie’s List), they’ve only recently begun to appear regarding financial products and advisors. But we believe this trend will explode soon for the following reasons.
Bill Coffin
You are dead. Continue (Y/N)?
Article posted by Bill Coffin
The time has come for us to turn life insurance into a really, really good video game.
Dan Berman
12 worst financial advisors in America: 2014
Article posted by Dan Berman
The dirty dozen follow in the sad tradition of their brethren of years past.
Life insurance is for the living
Article posted by Lloyd Lofton
There are many decisions loved ones must make immediately following a loss. Putting together a life insurance program with your clients so their loved ones won’t have to worry about financial pitfalls that accompany these important decisions will help ease their mind and their loved one's potential burden.
Sandy Schussel
Provide service profoundly and grow rich
Article posted by Sandy Schussel
Here are three tips to provide profound service to your clients. Decide to do this, and wealth of all kinds will follow.
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