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William Meyer
Top 10 Social Security myths: Part 1
Article posted by William Meyer
Any one of these Social Security myths could derail a client's retirement plan.
Emily Holbrook
The top 10 annuity sales leaders for Q2 2014
Article posted by Emily Holbrook
After a rocky first quarter, MetLife takes the lead.
Rodney Ballance
Will gold really protect you if the dollar collapses?
Article posted by Rodney Ballance
Every day my email inbox is littered with urgent notices and important warnings. They’re all trying to convince me of an impending monetary collapse and devaluation of the United States dollar. I began to wonder, is our currency really in such terrible shape?
George Shave
Is the fixed annuity market like playing Russian roulette — and will you get hurt?
Article posted by George Shave
Carriers are playing with fire in their next generation of products, getting further away from the basic value proposition of fixed indexed annuities. It's a game of Russian roulette; only in this game, the gun is loaded with multiple bullets. Eventually, the gun goes off and there are casualties. Will you be among them?
David Shields
Dispelling misunderstandings about annuities
Article posted by David Shields
Over the last 21 years of my career in the financial industry, I have constantly been amazed at the misconceptions and lack of knowledge the public has about annuities. I understand that annuities are rarely (if ever) discussed in schools or colleges, but the average investor’s preconceived notions about these incredible retirement vehicles are grossly inaccurate.
Joe Simonds
7 deadly financial advisor marketing sins exposed, Pt. 1
Article posted by Joe Simonds
In this series of articles, I'm going to address the seven deadly financial advisor marketing sins that continue to cost advisors like you tons of money.
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Tye Elliott
Use voluntary insurance to help give workers financial peace of mind
Article posted by Tye Elliott
It’s no wonder that employees’ minds are focused on money when they should be spending their off hours dreaming of pumpkin pie, mistletoe and sugar plums. According to a survey, 76 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which means the holidays are more fretful than festive in three-quarters of U.S. homes.
Paul M Mallett
6 ways to love your leads
Article posted by Paul Mallett
If you want to see more consistency in your revenue stream, you have to keep your prospecting funnel full. When circumstances dictate that your prospecting should include purchased leads, think positively, consider these suggestions, and commit to working your leads more effectively.
Wayne Cotton CLU
Convert problems into procedures
Article posted by Wayne Cotton CLU
Building your practice around your personality may work out fine in the early stages of the business, but unless you make the transition to a process-driven business, you will limit your ability to achieve higher levels of success and freedom.
William Meyer
Top 10 Social Security myths: Part 2
Article posted by William Meyer
These takeaways will help you and your clients demystify Social Security.
Lew Nason
Providing a lifetime retirement income
Article posted by Lew Nason
There is much to consider when helping clients in their retirement years and many questions that need answers. One of the most important questions for you is: What's more important, the amount of money your clients have invested, or the amount of income they get to spend?
Paul Wilson
Top five regrets of the dying (and why advisors should care)
Article posted by Paul Wilson
Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent years working in palliative care and caring for patients in the final weeks of their lives. She recorded their most commons regrets.
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