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Michael Markey
The dangerous lie Dave Ramsey tells about cash value life insurance
Article posted by Michael Markey
Dave Ramsey has a bad habit of giving harmful advice to any caller who asks about cash value life insurance or more conservative investments.
Allison Bell
5 things insurance advisors have to know about the White House Conference on Aging
Article posted by Allison Bell
The Obama administration will encourage employers to offer a benefits annuitization option.
How is PPACA faring?
Article posted by Benefits Pro
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is either in robust health or on life support, depending on who is doing the diagnosis.
Ingrid Case
How Medicaid has evolved in 50 years
Article posted by Ingrid Case
Medicaid turns 50: Where is it going, where has it been?
Steven McCarty
Human advisors vs. robo-advisors: will ethics trump compliance?
Article posted by Steven McCarty
Eliminating the human element is not a fanciful notion. In fact, it’s happening now with the advent of the so-called robo-advisors.
Michael Markey
4 myths Dave Ramsey is spreading about fixed annuities (and how to overcome them)
Article posted by Michael Markey
When did it become acceptable to blame the tool rather than the carpenter for a job poorly done?
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Lynette Gil
24 great sales jokes
Article posted by Lynette Gil
How does a salesperson greet another salesperson? You'll have to read to find out.
Millennials - If you build it, they will come
Article posted by Marlin Bollinger
In today’s rapidly changing economic and social environment, the answer to increased sales appears to go much deeper than just being able to explain a complex product.
Michael Fischer
Estate planning for the modern family: It’s complicated, and advisors fall short
Article posted by Michael S. Fischer
UBS study says advisors have opportunity to address changing family dynamics in U.S.
Greg Preite
Are you courting prospects or pushing for a marriage commitment?
Article posted by Greg Preite
It’s rare that rational, level-headed adults make major decisions on an impulse — especially decisions that impact their future.
Allison Bell
Anthem: $1.4 billion in Cigna deal admin savings
Article posted by Allison Bell
Provider management services exec sees merging insurers as "pretty much brain dead."
Suzy Turner
The value of the indexed universal life bucket
Article posted by Suzy Turner
Many people aren’t aware that there is a fourth bucket that can be used for income needs throughout your retirement, and that is the cash value growth within an indexed universal life (IUL) insurance policy.
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