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Vanessa De La Rosa
The 10 worst states for retirees' taxes
Article posted by Vanessa De La Rosa
When your clients enter retirement, their state's tax laws can pack a big punch on their portfolios. Which states are the least tax-friendly for retirees?
Michael Markey
Two great Dave Ramsey myths, debunked
Article posted by Michael Markey
Many of Ramsey’s truths are actually myths, but they’re said often enough and passionately enough that they're accepted without challenge.
Dan Berman
Top 10 smartest states for financial literacy: 2015
Article posted by Dan Berman
Citizens in these locales have a head start on planning and saving, according to
Mike Anthony
Tug-of-war between lawyers and financial advisors escalates
Article posted by Mike Anthony, JD, CMP™
There’s always been a tug-of-war between legal providers and financial services. But lately, it seems that both sides are adding muscle to the fight. Recent rulings in Pennsylvania and Florida push these issues to the extreme.
Warren Hersch
These 6 charts show what American workers really think about the U.S. economy
Article posted by Warren Hersch
Good news for advisors: More than half of American workers (53 percent) expect to save or invest their tax refund this year.
Paul M Mallett
Life does not end at retirement
Article posted by Paul Mallett
Advisors and agents who single-mindedly encourage clients to buy term life insurance just to get them through their working years are overlooking some pretty significant risks that still exist well into our golden years.
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The power of the Pension Protection Act
Article posted by Mike Padawer
Many annuity owners now realize they may need to use those assets to cover long-term care expenses during retirement. Simply put, since the original goal for these annuities has changed over time, it may be time to consider leveraging the power of The Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA).
The unique struggle of the sandwich generation
Article posted by David Port
Fortunately for boomer clients supporting aging parents and college-aged children, a number of insurance products can make their money stretch farther.
Curtis Hawks
Managing prospecting expectations
Article posted by Curtis Hawks MBA
Here are some prospecting pitfalls, followed by some thoughts on how to overcome prospecting challenges.
Steven McCarty
Regret Nothing: Lessons from Rogue Advisors, Part 2
Article posted by Steven McCarty
I began to wonder what regrets unethical advisors might have. After discussing the top five in my last column, I listed four strategies for building a “no-regrets” career in financial services. Now I’d like to expand upon each strategy and then provide tips for executing them.
Joe Arak
The power of negativity
Article posted by Joe Arak
Buying motivations come in two primary flavors. One is the positive desire for gain; the other is antipathy to losing out. Of the two, aversion to loss is by far the more powerful driver.
Advisor, agent, product peddler
Article posted by Karl Schilling
As a life and health agent, you will soon have a very difficult decision. And for many this will be a career ending decision.
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