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Fran Tarkenton
5 things I do every day to be successful
Article posted by Fran Tarkenton
Here are the five things I do every working day to hone my reflexes and expand my thinking.
Michael Fischer
Top 25 U.S. charities: 2014
Article posted by Michael S. Fischer
The Chronicle of Philanthropy ranks the top charities by private donations, with four of the top 10 DAFs, including those of Fidelity, Schwab and Vanguard.
Mack Dudayev
Why you shouldn't push whole life
Article posted by Mack Dudayev
For the huge majority of the population, whole life doesn't make much sense.
Rodney Ballance
Why Dave Ramsey secretly loves indexed life insurance
Article posted by Rodney Ballance
Please protect yourself and your clients by being very careful with indexed life products. People like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman will take even the smallest challenge with these policies, and use them to discredit every one of us, and the industry we love.
Amy McIlwain
5 things most financial advisors don't know about email marketing
Article posted by Amy McIlwain
With segmented or “trip-wire” email marketing, it is possible to deliver targeted messages that directly meet the unique interests and needs of prospects. Here are a few steps you can follow to develop lead-nurturing e-marketing campaigns that transform prospects into clients.
Allan D. Gersten
5 ways to improve your client's life insurance situation
Article posted by Allan Gersten
Large cases can be challenging, but by approaching them thoughtfully and thoroughly they can produce extraordinary results for clients and advisors.
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Maggie Crowley
3 tips for generating leads online
Article posted by Maggie Crowley
In a previous article, I explained the three-step process to any successful lead generation strategy. Today, let's look at three ways advisor are having success in generating new qualified prospects online.
Dan McGrath
5 reasons you need an annuity that the Motley Fool will never tell you
Article posted by Dan McGrath
Here are the five very simple reasons why, if you plan on retiring and living in retirement for longer than five years, you may want to rethink this “Foolish” advice.
Kellie Gibson
Forget me not: Is your website up-to-date?
Article posted by Kellie Gibson
Unfortunately, a website is not a one-shot, fix-it-and-forget-it deal. Like anything worth having, it requires maintenance.
Bill Coffin
13 occupations with worse aging problems than insurance agents
Article posted by Bill Coffin
The insurance world is not the only one facing a graying workforce.
Make an annuity date with real estate right now
Article posted by Kevin Startt
Most agents who sell indexed life and annuity products remain non-securities licensed, so it is natural for the agent to gravitate towards the comforting confines of the three major crediting methods: monthly point-to-point, monthly averaging and annual point-to-point. The earliest civilizations understood the need for diversification. In addition, they understood the importance of real estate in the process. It is no surprise then that agents would begin to think about alternative indices, like real estate.
3 secrets of the pros: Large lead territory
Article posted by Adam Johnson
The bigger net you cast, the more fish you are going to catch. Meaning the bigger your lead territory, the greater number of leads and opportunity for more sales.
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