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Dan Berman
6 top tax changes for 2015
Article posted by Dan Berman
These are the major changes to the Internal Revenue Code taking effect in 2015.
Steven McCarty
The truth about client lies ... and what to do about them
Article posted by Steven McCarty
“Lying is an elementary means of self defense,” said American author and critic Susan Sontag. Many financial advisors would surely agree with that statement.
Are caps and floors in IULs realistic? If so, why can't I do it myself?
Article posted by Tom Martin
We are often asked by our clients, “How can the insurance company afford such generous caps and floors in their indexed universal life policies?” Many insurance producers themselves may ponder the same question.
Nichole Morford
Here are the 25 best business jobs for 2015
Article posted by Nichole Morford
Insurance agent ranks impressively high on the list.
Steve Savant
Will LTC products that are linked drive standalone policies extinct?
Article posted by Steve Savant
It’s always interesting how consumer perception works in real life. They buy term life insurance and invest the difference rather than buy cash value life insurance. But they buy cash value long-term care in a hybrid policy instead of a standalone policy. It’s seems to be counterintuitive.
Jason Kestler
Sun Tzu and the art of financial planning
Article posted by Jason Kestler
The equities market has been on a roll for the last five years and is flirting with all-time highs. At the same time, the bond market has had a rally of its own. Twenty years of declining interest rates have consistently pushed bond prices higher; however, does the average investor fully understand the risks to their nest egg going forward?
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Warren Hersch
5 tech products for advisors: Are they living up to the hype?
Article posted by Warren Hersch
Advisors have a lot to gain for the most recent round of tech tools — but also, some would argue, a lot to lose.
Daniel Williams
2014's best movies for business professionals: 6-10
Article posted by Daniel Williams
A brilliant codebreaker; a tough love teacher; a world built by a child: Today's movies reveal people who change the world around them.
Mike Anthony
When Medicaid and tax rules collide
Article posted by Mike Anthony, JD, CMP™
I noticed several incongruities between long-term care Medicaid rules and tax rules that every advisor should know and understand. So before you get too busy filling out your 1040, I thought I’d recap some good ways to make sure you and your clients are ready.
Daniel Williams
2014's best movies for business professionals: 11-15
Article posted by Daniel Williams
A sure shot; a modern day Moses; a sci-fi Groundhog Day: Today's movies reveal brilliant men who can't escape the things that haunt them.
Daniel Williams
2014's best movies for business professionals: 16-20
Article posted by Daniel Williams
A dystopian ice age; an avalanche of regret; a great disappearing act: Let's examine five more of 2014's best movies for business professionals.
James Katzaman
A letter from my accountant about the Affordable Cart Act
Article posted by Jim Katzaman
My accountant is not given to correspondence unless you count the pocket calendars he mails every Christmas. So when I recently pulled an envelope from out of the mailbox, I thought maybe I did something wrong. Then I read, “Due to the far-reaching regulations and complexity of the ACA, tax firms industry-wide are gearing up for the new reporting requirements,” he wrote.
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