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Erin Siler
Top 10 best states for retiring: 2016
Article posted by Erin Moriarty-Siler
For many people, retirement is synonymous with living out their golden years in a picturesque locale, far from the bustle of their past work lives. Whether it be a sandy beach or a mountain cabin, there are several considerations to keep in mind before settling down into retirement.
Emily Zulz
6 countries cheap enough to live off Social Security
Article posted by Emily Zulz
Retirees can live off little more than a Social Security check in these countries, according to International Living
Bernice Napach
6 DOL fiduciary tasks to tackle before first deadline
Article posted by Bernice Napach
Advisory firms have a lot to do between now and April 10, 2017
Janet Levaux
Why Gundlach predicts a Trump victory
Article posted by Janet Levaux
The DoubleLine CEO discusses Trump, his ‘2 and 20’ prediction on stocks and why negative interest rates are like putting gasoline on a house fire
22 Social Security facts you (and your clients) should know
Article posted by Joseph Stenken
The rules regarding Social Security are complex and change frequently. Here's how to answer some of your clients' most pressing questions.
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Kristen Beckman
The 10 highest-growth cities for annuities in 2016
Article posted by Kristen Beckman
Which cities have the highest growth potential for annuities sales this year? The list is much different than the list of largest annuity markets.
Curtis Hawks
The new marketing funnel
Article posted by Curtis Hawks MBA
Tracking the true path a prospect follows can be difficult, but you have opportunities to enhance the new marketing flow.
Nichole Morford
The states where the most life insurance is sold
Article posted by Nichole Morford
Revenue from life insurance premiums is on the rise, led by these ten states.
Kristen Beckman
6 fitness resources for your senior clients
Article posted by Kristen Beckman
May 25 is National Senior Health and Fitness Day. Share these tips with your clients to keep them healthy and active during retirement.
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