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12 of the most toxic employees
Article posted by Benefits Pro
These employees take a heavy toll on coworkers — and the bottom line.
Michael Markey
4 myths Dave Ramsey is spreading about fixed annuities (and how to overcome them)
Article posted by Michael Markey
When did it become acceptable to blame the tool rather than the carpenter for a job poorly done?
Paul Wilson
Norm Trainor on the 8 best practices of top-performing advisors
Article posted by Paul Wilson
“What sets top performers apart from average advisors?” long-time trainer and author Norm Trainor asked attendees Wednesday morning at MDRT’s annual meeting. Over the next hour, he shared the eight best practices of top-performing advisors and detailed exactly what make them so successful.
Carley Meiners
Taylor Swift and marketing: 5 ways to use the queen of pop's skills
Article posted by Carley Meiners
Back in October, Swift unveiled her fifth album, 1989, through a strong social media campaign. She has built her brand from the ground up, and we should all be taking note. Here are five marketing lessons from Swift.
Ed McCarthy
Avoiding variable annuity compliance problems
Article posted by Ed McCarthy
It’s easier to avoid compliance problems than to resolve them.
Paul Wilson
Thomas Friedman: How to make your way in a flat, fast world
Article posted by Paul Wilson
At MDRT's annual meeting in New Orleans, the award-winning author shared tips on adapting and thriving in our ever-changing world.
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Marlene Satter
Top 10 fiduciary errors and how to avoid them
Article posted by Marlene Y. Satter
When fiduciaries make mistakes, they can be costly not just to the organization, but for the fiduciary personally. Here are 10 mistakes you'd better hope to not make.
Stephen D. Forman (LTCA)
Your next LTCI sales idea: "The use it or lose it fallacy"
Article posted by Stephen Forman
For someone to argue that the recent deceleration in sales is the result of a use it or lose it feature is not only to fail to grasp today’s market dynamics, but also to misunderstand the very concept of insurance itself.
Joe Arak
5 ways to help someone in need (even when you have no time, money or resources)
Article posted by Joe Arak
These kinds of thing happen all the time. But when it happens to someone you know well, you pay more attention.
Kevin Sanderson
4 reasons why health insurance agents are important
Article posted by Kevin Sanderson
When our world seems the most uncertain, it is worth pausing to realize why what we do as insurance agents is so important. Sure, it is great earning commissions and getting a paycheck, but the reality is that the importance of what you do goes much deeper. As an agent, you provide an important service that deserves to be recognized.
Paul M Mallett
My summer to-do list
Article posted by Paul Mallett
As I write this, I’m sitting on my deck on a beautiful evening contemplating all the things I hope to accomplish this summer as it relates to my personal practice. While my wife plans our vacation and several fun weekend trips, my mind is on the things I need to do this summer to keep the revenue flowing.
Allison Bell
PPACA exchanges float toward 5 more rapids
Article posted by Allison Bell
The King v. Burwell cliff turned out to be easier than some managers had feared. But the PPACA exchange system still faces many other charted and uncharted obstacles. For a look at some of the obstacles that could still overturn the kayaks, read on.
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