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By Allison Bell

A networking group in California polled health care executives and found that many agree with the statement that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) "got us one step closer to Medicare for all."

The group, the Adaptive Business Leaders Organization, Santa Ana, Calif., also found that participating executives in the health insurance and life sciences sectors are much more skeptical about PPACA than participating executives who are involving with providing health care or with health information technology (IT).

The group has developed a report based on responses from 249 executives.

About 44 percent of the participants are involved with providing health care, and 21 percent are at life sciences organizations. Another 16 percent are at services proviers, 10 percent at health IT organizations, and 9 percent at "payers."

The group found that 35 percent of all participants said they agreed with the prediction that PPACA will lead to PPACA for all, or some kind of government-run health care system.

The group did not specify whether "Medicare for all" would like the traditional Medicare program, in which the government interacts with enrollees and insurers handle only back-office functions, or like the Medicare Advantage program, in which private companies sell coverage in a framework managed by the government.

About 37 percent of the health care providers and 39 percent of the service providers think PPACA could make Medicare for all the futures. Only 25 percent of the insurance executives said they shared that view.

The group also asked executives to react to a statement that PPACA "was a great thing, regardless of what it does to our tax structure."

Only 20 percent of the insurance executives and 19 percent of the executives in the life sciences said they agreed with that statement; 29 percent of the providers, 39 percent of the service providers and 52 percent of the health IT executives said they think PPACA is a great thing.

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