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Steven McCarty
Yelp help Pt. 1: When consumers roar, you better listen
Article posted by Steven McCarty
Although Internet reviews have long been a fixture for book sales (Amazon), restaurants (Yelp) and personal services (Angie’s List), they’ve only recently begun to appear regarding financial products and advisors. But we believe this trend will explode soon for the following reasons.

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Tye Elliott
Hospital indemnity insurance takes the sting out of hospital bills
Article posted by Tye Elliott
Employers should consider making voluntary hospital indemnity plans available to their clients as a viable option for employees to have peace of mind if they get injured or sick. Policyholders will receive cash benefits for covered events to pay everyday life bills, while they focus on getting better.

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Bill Coffin
You are dead. Continue (Y/N)?
Article posted by Bill Coffin
The time has come for us to turn life insurance into a really, really good video game.

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Paul Wilson
42 things every advisor needs to hear
Article posted by Paul Wilson
Attendees of the 2014 Advisor Network Summit in Las Vegas were presented with a deluge of sales tips, sound bites and statistics. From inspirational quotes to regulatory predictions to nuts-and-bolts discussions about the products themselves, there was something for everyone.

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Mike Anthony
​The ugly return of the 'Xerox annuity'
Article posted by Mike Anthony, JD, CMP™
I was recently contacted by an investigative reporter from "The Clarion-Ledger." She has written several in-depth articles over the past few weeks about Mississippi scam artist and former insurance producer Gina Palasini. Palasini's tale is a cautionary one for advisors and consumers alike.

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