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Steve Selengut
When is 2 percent better than 6 percent? When the DOL says it is
Article posted by Steve Selengut
The 401(k) "space," as they call it, has become a lucrative product shopping mall, totally out of touch with what should be the purpose of these "quasi"-retirement programs.

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Drew Gurley
Personal branding, Pt. 3: What are your target clients’ special needs?
Article posted by Drew Gurley
By this point in this series, you’re locked in on who you are and what business you are in. So now: Is there anyone out there who cares, and what do they really need?

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Paul M Mallett
Life does not end at retirement
Article posted by Paul Mallett
Advisors and agents who single-mindedly encourage clients to buy term life insurance just to get them through their working years are overlooking some pretty significant risks that still exist well into our golden years.

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The evolution of long-term care planning
Article posted by Mike Padawer
As our country continues its seismic shift in demographics, long-term care planning has never been more important; yet, most advisors approach the topic with clients in very ineffective ways.

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Matt Parke
Annuities: Choosing the right tool for the job
Article posted by Matt Parke
When it comes to your clients, helping them select the best options on a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) can make it the right tool for retirement income.

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