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Daniel Williams
The fight against fraud
Article posted by Daniel Williams
Financial fraud against American seniors is tabbed at $2.9 billion a year, though the actual number is believed to be much higher.

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Steven McCarty
Human advisors vs. robo-advisors: will ethics trump compliance?
Article posted by Steven McCarty
Eliminating the human element is not a fanciful notion. In fact, it’s happening now with the advent of the so-called robo-advisors.

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Steve Selengut
The total return shell game
Article posted by Steve Selengut
No interest rate sensitive security is an island... Just what is this "total return" thing that income portfolio managers like to talk about, and Wall Street uses as the performance hoop that all investment managers have to jump through? Why is it mostly just smoke and mirrors?

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Kim O
Beyond the rhetoric: Three real life impacts of the DOL rule
Article posted by Kim O'Brien
When policy decisions are based on political and institutional bias, flawed and incomplete analysis and preconceived assumptions of buying and selling behaviors, the outcome can only be destruction for the marketplace it is supposed to be serving and protecting.

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Paul Wilson
MDRT speaks: A life insurance objection clinic
Article posted by Paul Wilson
David Alarid's MDRT session was packed with valuable information for advisors of all ages.

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