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Christopher P. Hill, RFC
Debunking the top 6 myths of variable annuities
Article posted by Christopher P. Hill
If VAs are really a bad investment for every person, in every situation, then nobody would ever own one – and the VA industry would not exist today.

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Lynette Gil
9 negative phrases to avoid with your clients (& what to say instead)
Article posted by Lynette Gil
Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Always, always practice what you're going to say before calling a new prospect.

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Mark Accettura
61 ways to avoid, minimize and resolve inheritance conflict: Part 1
Article posted by P. Mark Accettura
There is no single silver bullet that will prevent inheritance disputes. Instead, prevention requires a multi-faceted approach that combines psychology, good lawyering, a lot of self-awareness and a good dose of common sense. Part 1 deals with isolation, assistance and living arrangements.

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Tom Martin, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®
What’s so great about IUL?
Article posted by Tom Martin
There simply is no other financial product that can protect against life’s uncertainties better than IUL. Let’s consider all that it can do.

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Kelly Moser
Don’t talk about disability insurance like you talk about Star Wars
Article posted by Kelly Moser
Think about how many times you’ve spent your client meetings going on and on about the bells and whistles you can put on their policies and how you’ve managed to cut costs to help them achieve, yet the clients just weren’t interested.

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