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Alana Kohl
5 ways PR can build your business
Article posted by Alana Kohl
PR comes with more than just immediate gratification – it can have a long-term impact, one that can consistently improve the performance of your other marketing initiatives.

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The PT Services Group
Why sales breed loyalty
Article posted by John Pojeta
It costs less to maintain the loyalty of an existing customer than it does to acquire a new one. Here's how to keep that revenue engine going.

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Tom Martin, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®
What’s so great about IUL?
Article posted by Tom Martin
There simply is no other financial product that can protect against life’s uncertainties better than IUL. Let’s consider all that it can do.

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Steve Savant
Congress steals millions from Social Security: Another broken promise
Article posted by Steve Savant
Recently, millions of Americans lost money they were counting on for retirement. The losses didn’t come from a market meltdown or a real estate crash.

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Kelly Moser
Don’t talk about disability insurance like you talk about Star Wars
Article posted by Kelly Moser
Think about how many times you’ve spent your client meetings going on and on about the bells and whistles you can put on their policies and how you’ve managed to cut costs to help them achieve, yet the clients just weren’t interested.

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