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A new kind of life insurance policy
Article posted by Jeffrey Berson
The life insurance industry is slow when it comes to innovation. So when a new kind of life insurance product is starting to make an impact, I think it is good to know about it. The new product type I'm talking about is called the reversionary annuity.

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Lew Nason
Helping prospects see you as a financial advisor and not a salesperson, Pt. 4
Article posted by Lew Nason
Insurance agents and financial advisors who are using free educational workshops are initially adding $4,000 to $30,000 to their current income every month. And they are able to do all of this without stopping what they are currently doing.

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Daniel Steenerson
Even the invincible: when athletes need disability insurance
Article posted by Daniel Steenerson, CLU, ChFC, RHU
Athletes are people who’ve cultivated such remarkable physical abilities that when we see them in their element, we’re filled with awe and delight. It’s wonderful to realize just how powerful, how fast, how agile they really are. But no one’s invincible – not even the superhuman athletes we just watched in the World Cup. Below are a few examples of how disability affects everyone.

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Is buy and hope a slippery slope right now?
Article posted by Kevin Startt
Many financial planners and economists now believe that the safe withdrawal rate is well below 4 percent. Lifetime income options like fixed indexed annuities are ideal in this environment or when the market corrects multiple times over a retirement horizon. So what about the age-old theory of buy and hold?

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Tony Walker
The 7 costly mistakes your clients make with their money, Pt. 7: Buying into the anti-annuity hype
Article posted by Tony Walker
While annuities have been around for a long time, there is nevertheless a ton of misinformation about them. Here are misconceptions one through five. Misconceptions six through 10 will be covered in part two of this article.

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