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Promote your ProducersWEB profile on your website, blog, newsletter and e-mail signature

Do you want everyone who visits your website, subscribes to your newsletter and receives your e-mails to learn about your profile and follow you on ProducersWEB? Here are some tools to help you do just that!

This page includes buttons and banners you can easily download and post to your website, blog, newsletter and e-mail signature with a link to your ProducersWEB profile page. In addition, we have included a press release and a newsletter text template for you to use to promote your profile and gain followers.

Button and Banner downloads:

ProducersWEB Member:

Featured Expert:

Featured Contributor:

Instructions: Right click to save image, then post to your website and link to the following url:
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Text templates:

Click here to download a sample press release
Click here to download sample email / newsletter copy

Instructions: Click on the links to save the templates to your computer. Then, edit them for your needs.

Note: Please do not change the quote from Managing Editor Paul Wilson or the ProducersWEB boilerplate. To link to your profile: In the search bar on, enter your name. Then click your name when it shows up in the search results — that's the page you want to link to. Next, copy the URL from the address bar and you have your link!

If you have any questions about using these tools, please contact