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The 7 costly mistakes your clients make, Pt. 3: Risking the cow instead of the milk
Article By Tony Walker
April 9, 2014

The high-yield secondary market annuity trap
Article By Tyson Wright
March 14, 2014

Secondary market annuities: 4 key psychological truths reveal why they sell themselves
Article By Nathaniel Pulsifer
February 21, 2014

Annuity surgeon general warning
Article By Stan The Annuity Man
February 20, 2014

When should I recommend an annuity?
Article By John Olsen
February 14, 2014

Mark your annuity calendar
Article By Catherine Weatherford
February 12, 2014

It’s time to tax all annuity agents
Article By Stan The Annuity Man
February 5, 2014

The buying process for secondary market annuities
Article By Nathaniel Pulsifer
January 21, 2014

Annuities: 5 things to expect in 2014
Article By Maria Wood
January 10, 2014

Secondary market annuities: Understand them before your clients do
Article By Nathaniel Pulsifer
January 9, 2014

How to market annuities to baby boomers
Article By Alanna Ritchie
December 17, 2013

Did Joseph Belth's Insurance Forum get it wrong concerning Glenn Neasham?
Article By Nicholas Paleveda MBA J.D. LL.M
November 25, 2013

Annuity regulation, Pt. 2: More from NAFA's Kim O'Brien on what's next
Article By Paul Wilson
November 8, 2013

Annuity regulation: NAFA's Kim O'Brien on the coming storm
Article By Paul Wilson
November 1, 2013

Lifetime income is possible (and necessary)
Article By Peter J. “Coach Pete” D’Arruda
October 29, 2013

Why mutual funds can’t protect against a stock market crash
Article By Roccy DeFrancesco
October 21, 2013

Glenn Neasham case: Court reverses conviction of theft
Article By Paul Wilson
October 9, 2013

Do you need an annuity rescue?
Article By Peter J. “Coach Pete” D’Arruda
September 24, 2013

How to explain annuity surrender charges to avoid complaints
Article By John Olsen
August 26, 2013

Is your annuity Medicaid-friendly?
Article By Jeffrey Berson
August 23, 2013

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