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Single Premium Deferred Annuities: One size does not fit all
Article By William H. Byrnes, Esq.
February 22, 2017

Fixed indexed annuities to dominate 2017 annuity marketplace
Article By William H. Byrnes, Esq.
January 31, 2017

Are annuities doomed in 2017?
Article By Sheryl Moore
January 27, 2017

Under proposed exemption, IMOs will need $15M in cash reserves
Article By Nick Thornton
January 25, 2017

Flat fees in the UK: Different country, same lame arguments
Article By Bob Clark
January 24, 2017

Multi-generational and succession marketing -- Overview
Article By Steve Drozdeck
January 22, 2017

State crackdown on annuities sharpens suitability issues for advisors
Article By William H. Byrnes, Esq.
January 17, 2017

Equity funds rule in 2016: Morningstar
Article By Janet Levaux
January 5, 2017

2017 Markets: The great unknown
Article By Danielle Andrus
January 5, 2017

Fed hike a positive for rate-sensitive insurance products
Article By Warren Hersch
December 26, 2016

Let’s play a new game: Dave Ramsey Jenga®
Article By Michael Markey
December 19, 2016

Commission rates are just shiny objects
Article By James Beattey
July 26, 2016

Post-DOL rule: 5 things insurance-only licensed producers can do right now
Article By Roger Hayashi
June 30, 2016

Do you know these annuity terms?
Article By Nichole Morford
June 8, 2016

Navigating through a perfect market storm
Article By Cal Burgess
June 1, 2016

14 questions (and answers) about the DOL fiduciary rule
Article By Kristen Beckman
May 31, 2016

6 DOL fiduciary tasks to tackle before first deadline
Article By Bernice Napach
May 20, 2016

Why Gundlach predicts a Trump victory
Article By Janet Levaux
May 18, 2016

New tool shows how much longer you can expect to live, in 3 charts
Article By Danielle Andrus
May 11, 2016

The 10 largest annuities markets for 2016
Article By Kristen Beckman
May 6, 2016

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