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Basic considerations of a stand-alone long-term care policy
Article By Steve Savant
November 13, 2013

Are long-term care advisors in the education business?
Article By Matt McCann
October 22, 2013

Pinterest: Why should advisors give it a chance?
Article By Vanessa De La Rosa
March 22, 2013

Customer apathy a problem? Try a little tenderness
Article By David Shields
December 13, 2012

Show me the leads! Your guide to online annuity and life insurance lead generation services
Article By David Shields
November 26, 2012

Insurance agents: Who does your insurance department work for?
Article By Stephen Forman
February 15, 2012

Strategies for LTC success in the worksite market
Article By Steve Cain
January 18, 2012

A roundtable discussion — Consumer Disclosure Law: The Changing Face of Long Term Care Funding
Article By Chris Orestis
November 14, 2011

Health care policy synopsis: Super Committee holds fate of Medicare and Medicaid in its hands
Article By Chris Orestis
October 27, 2011

As large Medicaid cuts loom, states look to convert life insurance polices to long term care benefits to fill the financial gap
Article By Chris Orestis
August 29, 2011

Ten key questions answered about Chinese attitudes concerning insurance
Article By William Dyess
July 12, 2011

Lessons for producers from the 2011 Long-Term Care Insurance Sourcebook
Article By Jesse Slome
June 7, 2011

Your next LTCI sales idea: The buyer you want
Article By Stephen Forman
May 25, 2011

Your next LTCI sales idea: Which made more, "Gone with the Wind" or "Avatar?"
Article By Stephen Forman
March 31, 2011

The interplay of assets and income for VA Pension qualification
Article By Mary Markovich
March 25, 2011

The LTC crisis has officially arrived – and the tough choices are just beginning
Article By Tom Riekse, Jr.
March 23, 2011

Is the LTCI sky falling?
Article By Peter Gelbwaks
November 17, 2010

MetLife to exit LTCI market: What now?
Article By Chris Orestis
November 16, 2010

Honoring our veterans with access to the care they deserve
Article By Chris Orestis
November 11, 2010

​​Women underestimate importance of long term care planning
Article By Jesse Slome
November 9, 2010

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