Most Recent LTCI and CI Marketing & Sales Trends Articles

FINRA’s top 5 exam priorities for 2017
Article By Janet Levaux
January 9, 2017

Pinterest: Why should advisors give it a chance?
Article By Vanessa De La Rosa
March 22, 2013

Customer apathy a problem? Try a little tenderness
Article By David Shields
December 13, 2012

Show me the leads! Your guide to online annuity and life insurance lead generation services
Article By David Shields
November 26, 2012

New guides address increased tax deductions for long term care insurance
Article By Jesse Slome
December 22, 2009

The growing cost of long term care
Article By Chris Orestis
November 27, 2009

Overcoming objections from LTCI prospects
Article By Jesse Slome
November 11, 2009

LTCI underwriting is not what you might think
Article By Julie Gelbwaks Gewirtz
November 5, 2009

IRS holds pension limits; increases LTCI 3%
Article By Jesse Slome
November 2, 2009

Long term care and reverse mortgages: what you need to know
Article By Frank N. Darras
October 28, 2009

Charging for advice: When is it OK to charge a client for consultation for the Aid and Attendance Program?
Article By Kevin Wedmore
October 20, 2009

ObamaCare, Medicaid and Medicare: What does the future hold for seniors?
Article By Kevin Wedmore
October 8, 2009

Long term care riders vs. long term care policies -- which is best?
Article By Adam Stohlman
September 30, 2009

What is best for an LTCI prospect?
Article By Julie Gelbwaks Gewirtz
September 25, 2009

Pulling the plug on grandma
Article By Al Jacobs
September 1, 2009

Inflation options: Growth, but at what cost?
Article By Julie Gelbwaks Gewirtz
August 25, 2009

What you need to succeed in the fast-growing senior market
Article By Jeremiah Desmarais
August 4, 2009

Characteristics of boomers who buy LTCI
Article By Tom Riekse, Jr.
August 3, 2009

AALTCI launches online LTCI learning and marketing center
Article By Jesse Slome
July 29, 2009

Precertification: It's all about the wording
Article By Julie Gelbwaks Gewirtz
July 21, 2009

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