Most Recent Retirement Planning with Annuities Articles

25 years of market volatility: How annuities can provide certainty in troubled times
Article By Lou Aarons
November 7, 2012

Year-end income tax reduction strategies: the good, bad and ugly
Article By Roccy DeFrancesco
October 12, 2012

Income annuities, investment trends and the Twinkies guide to the state of the economy
Article By Kevin Startt
October 1, 2012

The indexed annuity price war revisited
Article By Joe Anzalone
December 19, 2011

Offer guarantees with annuities
Article By David Goodrich
December 1, 2011

The shifting paradigm: looming changes and opportunities for the annuity producer
Article By Joe Anzalone
November 22, 2011

The fundamental flaw with traditional retirement planning
Article By Chris Conklin
November 22, 2011

The truth behind securities payout offers
Article By Jason Kestler
November 10, 2011

Elder abuse and product suitability: An annuity nightmare in California
Article By Richard Duff
November 10, 2011

Could you still sell fixed annuities if interest rates were zero?
Article By Chris Conklin
October 31, 2011

Using FIAs in defined benefit plans: it can and should be done
Article By Roccy DeFrancesco
September 27, 2011

Putting your eggs in one basket: Why many annuity producers fail to reach their goals
Article By Luke Britt
September 21, 2011

Have you truly considered the effect of rider charges on a fixed or indexed annuity?
Article By Sheryl Moore
August 3, 2011

Mission impossible: Social Security
Article By Joe Simonds
August 1, 2011

Where annuities fit in your portfolio
Article By Jason Kestler
July 21, 2011

Understanding how annuities are treated under the tax code
Article By Jason Kestler
July 14, 2011

Warning signs: The importance of protecting your clients' retirement savings
Article By Joe Simonds
July 6, 2011

Medicaid planning using annuities is viable again
Article By Roccy DeFrancesco
November 6, 2009

Longevity risk continues to grow
Article By Mike Boot
November 4, 2009

SPIA on steroids, Pt. 2
Article By Joe Bellersen
October 20, 2009

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