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Suzy Turner
The value of the indexed universal life bucket
Article posted by Suzy Turner
Many people aren’t aware that there is a fourth bucket that can be used for income needs throughout your retirement, and that is the cash value growth within an indexed universal life (IUL) insurance policy.

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Warren Hersch
The DOL fiduciary rule: reactions from 4 industry associations
Article posted by Warren Hersch
The associations contend that the rule's “substantial costs” and "burdens" will prompt many brokers to exit the business.

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How is PPACA faring?
Article posted by Benefits Pro
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is either in robust health or on life support, depending on who is doing the diagnosis.

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Allison Bell
5 things insurance advisors have to know about the White House Conference on Aging
Article posted by Allison Bell
The Obama administration will encourage employers to offer a benefits annuitization option.

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Julius Giarmarco
Keeping track of tax basis
Article posted by Julius Giarmarco
The general rule, which is usually favorable to taxpayers, is that the beneficiary's basis for inherited property is stepped up from the decedent's cost to the asset's fair market value at the decedent's date of death.

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