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Marlene Satter
Top 10 fiduciary errors and how to avoid them
Article posted by Marlene Y. Satter
When fiduciaries make mistakes, they can be costly not just to the organization, but for the fiduciary personally. Here are 10 mistakes you'd better hope to not make.

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5 major risks to a client's retirement income
Article posted by David Port
There is a minefield of potential risks and here's how to protect your client against them.

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Sheryl Brown
Is compliance a priority for you? It should be
Article posted by Sheryl Brown-Madjlessi
When I spend time with advisors and registered reps, it’s not uncommon to hear their lackluster response and heavy sigh when the topic of compliance is brought up. Come on — it’s not that bad, right? Unfortunately, it can be for some, but for a variety of reasons on both sides of the subject. Let’s discuss.

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Steve Selengut
The investment gods are furious
Article posted by Steve Selengut
Capitalism is not broken; it's just been overly tinkered with.

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Douglas Dubitksy
Top 12 mistakes to avoid in retirement planning
Article posted by Douglas Dubitksy
We all know that having a to-do list can help in planning. Sometimes a “do-not-do” list can be equally important. Here are a dozen common pitfalls that advisors can discuss with their clients now for a more financially secure retirement in the future.

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