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Marlene Satter
10 worst states to retire rich and watch your money disappear
Article posted by Marlene Y. Satter
Here are the 10 states where you’ll likely end up feeling more like a poor relation in retirement, due to such things as taxes, living expenses, health and Medicare spending.

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Helping prospects buy life insurance
Article posted by Lloyd Lofton
Specific examples of how advisors and insurance agents can make sure their clients and their clients' loved ones are covered in case the unthinkable happens.

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Bernice Napach
Top 4 reasons you better discuss Social Security with clients
Article posted by Bernice Napach
Among them, the risk of losing clients who would rather switch to an advisor who will.

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Kristen Beckman
10 best and worst states for military retirees
Article posted by Kristen Beckman
WalletHub ranked the best and worst states for military retirees based on the economic environment, quality of life and access to health care.

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Emily Zulz
5 best practices to raise 401(k) plan participation
Article posted by Emily Zulz
Using its experience managing 401(k)s for 3 million participants, Merrill reports on the most successful ways plan sponsors can encourage healthy retirement planning.

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