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Lynette Gil
15 U.S. cities that were hurt the most by the recession
Article posted by Lynette Gil
Some cities across the United States have not recovered as quickly as others -- and they're not necessarily the cities you would expect.

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Paul McCord
4 ways to become a better listener
Article posted by Paul McCord
Listening might seem hard at first, but it will improve your relationship with your clients (and you'll gain more referrals).

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How mutual funds are stealing your retirement
Article posted by Ted Ruiz, CFP
Why do advisors and the media keeps telling us not to be concerned about the market volatility, if we plan on retiring years from now? Would you prefer to know now rather than later if you will have the income needed for your retirement?

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Marlene Satter
5 things to know about Americans and retirement planning
Article posted by Marlene Y. Satter
Retirement planning tops the financial worry list in 25 states — but who's doing all this worrying? Here are 5 things we learned — some surprising, some not so.

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Lynette Gil
31 of the best retirement jokes
Article posted by Lynette Gil
There are a million and one jokes about retirement. These are some of the best.

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