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Let annuities be your bank
Article posted by Kevin Startt
A bank will lend you an umbrella when the sun is out, but when the storm clouds brew, the umbrella is nowhere to be found. It was my annuity that allowed me the peace of mind to start my business, and we are now off and running.

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Collaborative planning wins more sales and happier clients
Article posted by Steve Lewit
At the end of the planning process, the client should like the plan created because the plan is, essentially, the one that they designed. Typically, people like what they create. It is not different with financial plans.

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Julius Giarmarco
Exercising substitution powers
Article posted by Julius Giarmarco
Besides being a safe way to create grantor trust status, a swap power gives the grantor the absolute right to reacquire a trust asset, provided “equivalent value” is paid to the trust. Therefore, the grantor does not have to convince the trustee to sell the asset to him or her. Following are some common situations where exercising the swap power can be helpful.

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William Meyer
Top 10 Social Security myths: Part 2
Article posted by William Meyer
These takeaways will help you and your clients demystify Social Security.

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Lew Nason
Providing a lifetime retirement income
Article posted by Lew Nason
There is much to consider when helping clients in their retirement years and many questions that need answers. One of the most important questions for you is: What's more important, the amount of money your clients have invested, or the amount of income they get to spend?

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