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Alanna Ritchie
Advisor tips for working with mobile millennials in the job-hopping market
Article posted by Alanna Ritchie
Millennials possess a retirement and insurance void created by job instability, the need for self-discovery and the transience of belonging to a generation compelled to start over and over and over again.

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Vanessa De La Rosa
Q&A with five of the most successful advisors in the industry
Article posted by Vanessa De La Rosa
Here’s a recap of what the five Advisor of the Year finalists had to say about education, holistic planning, inflation, annuities, work-life balance, the biggest challenges to the industry and how they’ve become so successful in their practices.

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Vanessa De La Rosa
Self-employed business taxes: 4 ways to hold on to more of your hard-earned money
Article posted by Vanessa De La Rosa
The tax code is over 70,000 pages long. According to Rich, it’s impossible for one person to know and understand everything it says. Here are the three major arenas in which you can claim more and more strategic deductions.

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Michael Goldberg
How to deliver a Hall of Fame speech
Article posted by Michael Goldberg
You don’t need to be a professional speaker to deliver a great speech. You just need to be genuine, organized, self-effacing, humble, relatable and meaningful.

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Joe Simonds
7 deadly financial advisor marketing sins exposed, Pt. 1
Article posted by Joe Simonds
In this series of articles, I'm going to address the seven deadly financial advisor marketing sins that continue to cost advisors like you tons of money.

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