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National Underwriter
2015's 50 best ways to generate leads: 31-40
Article posted by LifeHealthPro
Auto referrals, centers of influence, a client sales force and birthdays are among the lead generation ideas on tap today.

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Kelly Moser
What the Seattle Seahawks can teach you about selling insurance
Article posted by Kelly Moser
As the wife of a dedicated Packers fan, I probably shouldn’t be writing this, but I think there are quite a few things the Seahawks can teach insurance professionals, especially in regard to selling disability insurance.

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Bridgette O
What are the HIPAA audits? How do they affect me?
Article posted by Bridgette O'Connor
The government is knocking on doors of agencies like yours to determine how well you protect the client information you store. Since 2013, you have been accountable for the security of this information, and the government is now enforcing that liability. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) plans to audit covered entities and business associates in 2015.

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Harry Kierbow
5 reasons your practice needs to be on Facebook and how to get started
Article posted by Harry Kierbow
With over 1.35 billion active members (that’s billion, with a "B"), Facebook is the biggest party on the block. It saw an 80 percent increase in users over the age of 55 from 2011-2014. Want more? Here are more five facts that will convince you of the business value of Facebook.

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National Underwriter
2015's 50 best ways to generate leads: 41-50
Article posted by LifeHealthPro
Advisors need great leads to generate new business. Follow these tips to make 2015 your best year.

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