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Lynette Gil
9 negative phrases to avoid with your clients (& what to say instead)
Article posted by Lynette Gil
Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Always, always practice what you're going to say before calling a new prospect.

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Alana Kohl
5 ways PR can build your business
Article posted by Alana Kohl
PR comes with more than just immediate gratification – it can have a long-term impact, one that can consistently improve the performance of your other marketing initiatives.

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Mark Accettura
61 ways to avoid, minimize and resolve inheritance conflict: Part 1
Article posted by P. Mark Accettura
There is no single silver bullet that will prevent inheritance disputes. Instead, prevention requires a multi-faceted approach that combines psychology, good lawyering, a lot of self-awareness and a good dose of common sense. Part 1 deals with isolation, assistance and living arrangements.

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Carley Meiners
Women in finance series: A conversation with Elaine Liu
Article posted by Carley Meiners
Liu discusses how the Asian markets are important to her, the similarities with the Chinese and American markets and the life insurance needs of the Chinese-American community.

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Jean Gianfagna
7 trends to watch in direct mail marketing
Article posted by Jean Gianfagna
Is direct mail really dead? What’s new and what’s working in direct mail these days?

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