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Emily Zulz
Why advisors' Google presence is more vital than they think
Article posted by Emily Zulz
With 40,000 Google searches a second, managing what potential clients find there is imperative for financial advisors.

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International Association of Registered Financial Consultants
The secrets to successful client-advisor relationships
Article posted by International Association of Registered Financial Consultants
From a company employee to franchise business owner, Craig A. Sutherland, RFC, of Sutherland Wealth Partners in Columbus, Ohio, has a passion to help individuals, businesses and families obtain a bigger future.

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Erica Pauly
How to have seminar marketing success in 2016
Article posted by Erica Pauly
While many advisors are hoping the day of the seminar marketing is coming to an end, these campaigns still contribute to the majority of an advisor’s profit every year. Jorge Villar, seminar marketing veteran, sits down to discuss where the marketing tool is going in 2016.

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National Underwriter
The most innovative sales ideas of 2016: 91-100
Article posted by LifeHealthPro
We bring you a lot of good ideas about how to sell, culled not just from the insurance industry but from leaders in health care, technology, media and finance.

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Lynette Gil
9 Super Bowl TV ads to watch for
Article posted by Lynette Gil
Sure, it's all about the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, but it's also about the $5M in TV commercials and which one was the...

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