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Lew Nason
Helping prospects see you as a financial advisor and not a salesperson, Pt. 4
Article posted by Lew Nason
Insurance agents and financial advisors who are using free educational workshops are initially adding $4,000 to $30,000 to their current income every month. And they are able to do all of this without stopping what they are currently doing.

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Chris Marentis
Innovative client service ideas for financial firms
Article posted by Chris Marentis
Truly effective customer service can make or break an entire brand, and it all starts with the people who directly interact with clients.

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William Meyer
3 mistakes certain to screw up a Social Security seminar
Article posted by William Meyer
The lunch is hot and the presentation is cool, but after all the time and expense to produce a proper Social Security seminar, few meetings are booked and even fewer prospects request more information. What went wrong?

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Nurturing leads and growing new business
Article posted by Adam Johnson
As is the case with nurturing plants, nurturing leads requires sustained effort to keep them from withering. For insurance leads, the key component of this nurturing is communication. That’s where agents should focus their efforts, because if you can’t communicate with a lead, nurturing the lead is impossible.

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Maggie Crowley
Marketing hacks: Is it working or not?
Article posted by Maggie Crowley
Setting goals and measuring your performance is key to any good business strategy, and in marketing it can be used to test whether your current initiatives are reaching the right audience and meeting your goals. Here are three measurements that can determine whether your Web marketing efforts are paying off or not.

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