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William Meyer
Why seminar success doesn’t equal client satisfaction
Article posted by William Meyer
Social Security is a fantastic client acquisition tool, but if that’s all you’re using it for, you’ll quickly go astray. Here’s why.

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Curtis Hawks
5 best practices for community engagement
Article posted by Curtis Hawks MBA
The more you see these as opportunities, rather than duties of running a modern business, the more value you will get out of them.

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Antoine Orr
How not to argue with Dave Ramsey
Article posted by Antoine (Tony) Orr, Financial Consultant
In a Dave Ramsey radio show uploaded to YouTube in January 2014, Dave Ramsey speaks with a 30-year insurance broker who says that he would like to address some of Dave’s insurance philosophies.

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​Gold rush reality TV and marketing your practice
Article posted by Jonathan Musgrave
After watching the Discovery Channel’s "Gold Rush Alaska" religiously now for four seasons, I can’t help but see the perfect parallel between the painstaking process these miners go through to get their hands on a few pounds of precious gold and the work we do to gain new clients for our practices.

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Amy McIlwain
Facebook’s News Feed algorithm update: No overly promotional posts
Article posted by Amy McIlwain
Facebook will be making significant changes to the way the News Feed works in January 2015. These changes will affect the way that marketers will be able to reach users that like their brand’s page.

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