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Suzy Turner
Six prospecting tips for life insurance and annuity sales
Article posted by Suzy Turner
Prospecting is the most important activity you can perform to ensure the longevity of your business. If you aren’t prospecting and marketing yourself regularly then it’s just a matter of time before your office phone stops ringing and your appointment book is empty.

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Bill Bachrach
Build a community of right-fit clients by behaving in a way that earns trust
Article posted by Bill Bachrach
Trust is not the objective in an advisor-client relationship. Rather, trust is a byproduct of the other things you do, such as your behavior, your communication, and the quality of your work.

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Paul M Mallett
Are you actually prospecting?
Article posted by Paul Mallett
If you’re using marketing tactics to achieve prospecting goals, you’re probably pretty frustrated right now. Conversely, if you’re using prospecting tactics to achieve marketing goals, you’re probably driving a lot of people away before you even get a chance to establish any kind of relationship.

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Jean Gianfagna
5 reasons you shouldn't stop blogging
Article posted by Jean Gianfagna
One of the biggest challenges of blogging is being consistent. However tempting it might seem to not blog, here are some of the consequences of doing so.

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Steven McCarty
Looking for the ultimate sales technique? look within
Article posted by Steven McCarty
Sales ideas are great because they encourage financial advisors to try different methods of selling. But they can be dangerous, too, because they promote antiquated notions about the contemporary sales process.

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