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The unique struggle of the sandwich generation
Article posted by David Port
Fortunately for boomer clients supporting aging parents and college-aged children, a number of insurance products can make their money stretch farther.

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Curtis Hawks
Managing prospecting expectations
Article posted by Curtis Hawks MBA
Here are some prospecting pitfalls, followed by some thoughts on how to overcome prospecting challenges.

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Steven McCarty
Regret Nothing: Lessons from Rogue Advisors, Part 2
Article posted by Steven McCarty
I began to wonder what regrets unethical advisors might have. After discussing the top five in my last column, I listed four strategies for building a “no-regrets” career in financial services. Now I’d like to expand upon each strategy and then provide tips for executing them.

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Dan McGrath
Women, retirement and long-term care
Article posted by Dan McGrath
What is currently happening to women near the end of their lives — being in a nursing facility, alone and broke — doesn’t have to have happen. All that is needed is a decent understanding of what really happens in retirement to those who don’t plan accordingly.

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Michael Markey
These are the 7 steps Dave Ramsey followers really need
Article posted by Michael Markey
Ramsey’s tenets sound pretty good … until you actually look at his math.

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