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Tom Vassallo
The role of predictive analytics in insurance carrier distribution systems
Article posted by Thomas Vassallo
While guaranteed-issue open enrollment policies can be profitable, they are not as efficient as a fully underwritten policy. We are much more efficient in supporting and training our prospective and new agents when we have an “underwriting guide” and can effectively rate them.

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Nichole Morford
Here's why half of financial executives say Google or Amazon could change the way we buy life insurance
Article posted by Nichole Morford
Will a tech giant start selling life insurance? Probably. And it might just be a good thing.

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Roccy Defrancesco
Florida Supreme Court goes after the unauthorized practice of law
Article posted by Roccy DeFrancesco
Many insurance agents and financial planners offer to draft living trusts where they not only give advice for a fee on what a client should do, but they actually draft the documents just as though they were attorneys. While there are a few states that allow this, most states frown upon it; and now Florida has specifically outlawed it.

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National Underwriter
2015's 50 best ways to generate leads: 1-10
Article posted by LifeHealthPro
Combo policies, tireless prospecting strategies and dynamic marketing are three tips that experts say help them gain good leads.

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National Underwriter
2015's 50 best ways to generate leads: 11-20
Article posted by LifeHealthPro
The secret to lead generation, educational workshops and a focused target market are among the top tips in today's list.

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