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Warren Hersch
5 tech products for advisors: Are they living up to the hype?
Article posted by Warren Hersch
Advisors have a lot to gain for the most recent round of tech tools — but also, some would argue, a lot to lose.

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Daniel Williams
2014's best movies for business professionals: 6-10
Article posted by Daniel Williams
A brilliant codebreaker; a tough love teacher; a world built by a child: Today's movies reveal people who change the world around them.

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Daniel Williams
2014's best movies for business professionals: 11-15
Article posted by Daniel Williams
A sure shot; a modern day Moses; a sci-fi Groundhog Day: Today's movies reveal brilliant men who can't escape the things that haunt them.

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Tom Vassallo
The cream always rises to the top — How can predictive analytics be used to activate dormant producers?
Article posted by Thomas Vassallo
Predictive analytics is the centrifuge of insurance distribution. It allows us to immediately separate the more profitable producers from the masses and apply more effort and support to activating them.

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Kelly Moser
Creating a presence on LinkedIn
Article posted by Kelly Moser
Though there's lots to be covered in the realm of LinkedIn (profile, etiquette, groups, etc.), I'll start from the beginning for anyone who's interested.

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