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Tony Walker
The 7 costly mistakes your clients make, Pt. 4: Stockpiling hay for everyone else but themselves
Article posted by Tony Walker
Be sure to talk to your clients about whole life and the split annuity concept to see which choice is best for them and their situations, and if they’re viable options for their portfolios. You’ll be glad you did, and your clients will most likely worry less about their retirement as a result.

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Bill Coffin
Grow up and buy some life insurance, already
Article posted by Bill Coffin
So many producers and carrier executives bemoan the fact that life insurance sales aren’t what they could be because people don’t understand the need, and because the products are too complex. That is irrelevant. People don’t buy life insurance because they don’t feel sufficiently obligated to.

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Julius Giarmarco
Tax Court decision cuts 3.8 percent NII tax for many trusts
Article posted by Julius Giarmarco
Because of the lack of regulatory guidance, the Tax Court’s opinion in Frank Aragona Trust v Commissioner is quite significant. It’s the only judicial opinion since the enactment of the NII Tax to be handed down on the issue. It’s important to note, however, that the Tax Court’s decision by its terms only covers situations in which the trustee is materially participating in the trade or business activity.

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Steve Savant
Saving the Medicaid system one life insurance policy at a time
Article posted by Steve Savant
Did you know that Medicaid has surpassed Medicare as the nation’s largest health care program? It is the fastest growing part of most state budgets and funds nearly two-thirds of all nursing home residents. Medicaid has become a runaway train of an entitlement. So how, you ask, can you personally help to at least slow down this train’s increasing need for fuel (funding)?

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Christopher P. Hill, RFC
Funeral trusts: Help clients plan and pay for their funerals while they're alive
Article posted by Christopher P. Hill
After suffering through the grief and loss of my mother’s passing on Thanksgiving Day of 2008, it became increasingly apparent to me that end of life planning is a missing piece of the financial puzzle.

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