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Michael Goldberg
5 Reasons to Collect Business Cards at Events
Article posted by Michael Goldberg
First and foremost, why have you collected the business cards in the first place? Are you collecting business cards just for the sake of it? Are you exchanging cards, or just collecting their cards? Do you exchange cards with everyone you meet? What’s your purpose?

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Can You Afford Not to See a 2017 Tax Free Legacy?
Article posted by Kevin Startt
Since interest rates are so low, the benefits of establishing some of these trusts will do down as rates go up so take advantage of this as soon as possible, especially if you think capital gain tax rates or interest rates will go up.

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Curtis Hawks
Overcoming 5 common life insurance objections
Article posted by Curtis Hawks MBA
We all know life insurance is an important tool for a financial plan, but what do you do when a client or prospect rejects the policy?

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Warren Hersch
Life insurance policy reviews: 6 key questions explored
Article posted by Warren Hersch
Too often agents and advisors overlook critical questions in a life insurance policy review that can result in a poor product recommendation.

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Helping prospects buy life insurance
Article posted by Lloyd Lofton
Specific examples of how advisors and insurance agents can make sure their clients and their clients' loved ones are covered in case the unthinkable happens.

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