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Greg Preite
Are you courting prospects or pushing for a marriage commitment?
Article posted by Greg Preite
It’s rare that rational, level-headed adults make major decisions on an impulse — especially decisions that impact their future.

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Suzy Turner
The value of the indexed universal life bucket
Article posted by Suzy Turner
Many people aren’t aware that there is a fourth bucket that can be used for income needs throughout your retirement, and that is the cash value growth within an indexed universal life (IUL) insurance policy.

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Michael Markey
The dangerous lie Dave Ramsey tells about cash value life insurance
Article posted by Michael Markey
Dave Ramsey has a bad habit of giving harmful advice to any caller who asks about cash value life insurance or more conservative investments.

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John Deremo
6 ways to use life insurance strategies for the affluent market
Article posted by John Deremo
Here's how to use life insurance strategies to help mitigate income or estate taxation and facilitate efficient wealth transfer for affluent clients.

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Three reasons to say thanks a little latte for college funding
Article posted by Kevin Startt
With over 90 million Americans looking for work, according to the Department of Labor, the idea of college education funds for parents is becoming an enormous obstacle.

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