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Dan McGrath
The invincibility mindset vs. the need for LTCI
Article posted by Dan McGrath
one thing is a fact of life — health happens. And when health happens, it does not care about our own personal goals and desires.

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John L. Olsen, CLU, ChFC, AEP
In search of suitability
Article posted by John Olsen
Every advisor who sells financial products must wrestle every day with the concept of suitability. We may be (and should be) held accountable for demonstrating that the sales we make are appropriate and that they meet the needs of our clients. But how do we do that?

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Julius Giarmarco
Family businesses weak in succession planning
Article posted by Julius Giarmarco
A succession plan is of no use if it exists only in the business owner’s mind. The plan needs to be formalized in writing and communicated with family members, key employees, customers and suppliers.

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Rebecca Kincaid
Life Insurance: a dirty word, but a powerful gift
Article posted by Rebecca Kincaid
So many people like what life insurance can do, but they don’t like insurance. So many people need life insurance and could put it to great use, but just don’t know how or why.

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Christopher P. Hill, RFC
End of life planning — the missing piece to the financial puzzle
Article posted by Christopher P. Hill
The bad news is our industry has yet to offer the comprehensive training and education needed to help advisors become more comfortable, confident and better equipped to professionally serve “the death conversation.” The good news is I am fully confident this will change in the coming years.

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