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Bill Bachrach
How to cross relationship 'bridges' with your clients
Article posted by Bill Bachrach
Going beyond a surface-level interest in your clients' lives could lead to more sales and prospects.

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Andrew Gilmore
Disability insurance for self-employed prospects
Article posted by Andrew Gilmore
Independent workers often have high incomes and different needs for disability insurance than traditional employees.

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Vanessa De La Rosa
10 celebrities who made unfortunate estate planning decisions
Article posted by Vanessa De La Rosa
Many celebrities own large, diversified fortunes, have complicated family lives and are surrounded by acquaintances looking for some extra dough. The failure to create a properly drafted will and explicitly clear estate plan can cause a legal and emotional uproar when a celebrity passes away.

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Diamond Richardson
African-Americans place greater value on life insurance
Article posted by Barbara Marquand
About 60 percent of middle-market African-American adults own individual life insurance, compared to 46 percent of the general middle-market population.

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