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Tom Vassallo
How to use blogging to get in front of more insurance agents
Article posted by Thomas Vassallo
The most effective and SEO-friendly of these interactive features is a blog.

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Stephen D. Forman (LTCA)
Your next LTCI sales idea: 'The use it or lose it fallacy'
Article posted by Stephen Forman
For someone to argue that the recent deceleration in sales is the result of a use it or lose it feature is not only to fail to grasp today’s market dynamics, but also to misunderstand the very concept of insurance itself.

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Norm Trainor
How high performing salespeople persuade
Article posted by Norm Trainor
Are there qualities or attributes that enable the best salespeople to be persuasive? I have only been able to identify one.

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Curtis Hawks
Reaching across generations
Article posted by Curtis Hawks MBA
While you should absolutely maintain a steady stream of new faces, there are several opportunities for you to grow based on the individuals you already work with. Referral sourcing is one way. Another way — and one greatly under-explored — is generational service; that is, retaining assets when the spouse of a client dies and taking on their children when both parents die.

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James Katzaman
It’s academic: Families want financial help for college
Article posted by Jim Katzaman
Pursuing college and higher education is still a dream for many American families. The number of families who need the planning and resources that a knowledgeable advisor can provide has never been higher. The more time you take to equip yourself to help more families, the closer you are to achieving your own entrepreneurial goals.

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