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Addressing beneficiaries in estate planning
Article posted by Lloyd Lofton
A major issue in estate planning is who to name as beneficiaries on life insurance policies, pension plan accounts and IRAs. Often this important decision is given too little consideration.

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Julius Giarmarco
Combining an IRA trust and an ILIT
Article posted by Julius Giarmarco
Many IRA owners wish to ensure that, during the life of their surviving spouse, the surviving spouse receives the income from the IRA, but at the surviving spouse’s death, the balance in the IRA will pass according to the IRA owner’s wishes.

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Bill Coffin
Meet the 10 worst life insurance clients in the world
Article posted by Bill Coffin
Some people just don't deserve the life insurance they have.

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James Katzaman
Millennials and others crave advice — about life insurance
Article posted by Jim Katzaman
Millennials said they didn’t think about life insurance partly because it was never offered to them.

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