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Dan McGrath
5 reasons you need an annuity that the Motley Fool will never tell you
Article posted by Dan McGrath
Here are the five very simple reasons why, if you plan on retiring and living in retirement for longer than five years, you may want to rethink this “Foolish” advice.

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Make an annuity date with real estate right now
Article posted by Kevin Startt
Most agents who sell indexed life and annuity products remain non-securities licensed, so it is natural for the agent to gravitate towards the comforting confines of the three major crediting methods: monthly point-to-point, monthly averaging and annual point-to-point. The earliest civilizations understood the need for diversification. In addition, they understood the importance of real estate in the process. It is no surprise then that agents would begin to think about alternative indices, like real estate.

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David Shields
Taking your RMDs in retirement
Article posted by David Shields
We pay taxes our whole working life, and even in retirement we are subject to them. There are, however, ways to make paying those taxes easier.

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Bill Coffin
The 10 biggest market misconduct issues to avoid
Article posted by Bill Coffin
Avoid these 10 missteps, and avoid a nasty-gram from your state regulator. It's that simple.

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Let annuities be your bank
Article posted by Kevin Startt
A bank will lend you an umbrella when the sun is out, but when the storm clouds brew, the umbrella is nowhere to be found. It was my annuity that allowed me the peace of mind to start my business, and we are now off and running.

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