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Kelly Moser
Back-to-school basics for insurance professionals
Article posted by Kelly Moser
Despite the fact that I don’t have to head back to school this fall, there are some back-to-school basics that I (try to) never forget.

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David Shields
8 questions to help you choose the perfect annuity for your client
Article posted by David Shields
Choosing the perfect annuity product for your client is like choosing the perfect golf club. Here are eight key questions to help you unlock the best product for your client.

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Roccy Defrancesco
Colorado bans use of the word "safe" in life and annuity advertising
Article posted by Roccy DeFrancesco
Marketing is becoming more and more of a compliance nightmare, and the Colorado ban on the word “safe” is the next in what I think will be a long list of hurdles advisors are going to have to deal with in the coming years.

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Does employer stock rock retirement?
Article posted by Kevin Startt
Even though there have been a litany of companies who tied their employees' fortunes to the bottom line and got busted, there remain a bountiful number of great names where more than 70 percent of employees have the majority of their retirement balance in company stock. The extent to which this remains a problem can be exemplified by two personal stories I recount from my past experience with one large and one small plan in the mid-1990s.

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The insanity in indexed annuity sales growth
Article posted by Kevin Startt
If the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then Einstein would have to challenge the hypothesis today of many indexed annuity (FIA) and indexed life sales (IUL) agents. The U.S. markets have gone up over 140 percent for the last five years, yet indexed annuity and life agents, in many cases, are still allocating clients' index crediting based on 2009 prices.

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