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Kristen Beckman
14 questions (and answers) about the DOL fiduciary rule
Article posted by Kristen Beckman
Three industry experts weighed in on how the rule might impact carriers, distribution and agents.

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Bernice Napach
6 DOL fiduciary tasks to tackle before first deadline
Article posted by Bernice Napach
Advisory firms have a lot to do between now and April 10, 2017

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Janet Levaux
Why Gundlach predicts a Trump victory
Article posted by Janet Levaux
The DoubleLine CEO discusses Trump, his ‘2 and 20’ prediction on stocks and why negative interest rates are like putting gasoline on a house fire

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Danielle Andrus
New tool shows how much longer you can expect to live, in 3 charts
Article posted by Danielle Andrus
Longevity Illustrator provides general life expectancy estimates for individuals and couples

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